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Inner Catharsis


Image of Inner Catharsis

This is an old paining that was left unfinished for a very long time. It started as an exercise for working with light and shading, but with the creative process it took a life of its own. The painting itself does not have a whole definition or meaning. Rather, it is a theme of different symbols that correspond to the darker practices of spirituality, which is potent with influence. However, the image is not limited to any type of spirituality or occult practice, the explanation is applicable to many of us.
Some of the images and symbols I will leave the viewer to interpret and define. But there is one thing I will like to explain, and that is; from any act towards harmony in our lives, any contribution that we make to come closer to salvation will always come from our inner selves and our wish that illuminates our next step in the world that we live in. The source of light is within and from its potency and the individual’s will it begins to manifest and grow into realities, blossoming from the inner flame that made it be, we see our reflection in its creation as we see our own creator within ourselves.

This is a print of the original painting. Mediums used are oil paint, gold leaf, and pen. Dimensions are 11 1/2" x 14 1/2".

Limited to 15 prints.